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Firstly there must be looked at where in the house the trophy is going to hang so that the correct instructions can be given to the taxidermist e.g. in which direction the animal must look (left, right or straight).

Other aspects are also of great importance such as exposure to an excess of dry air and light.

Dry air – Dry air is very bad for a trophy, so it is important that a trophy should not hang in a very warm room of the house. Central heating, fire places and electric heaters hold a threat for your trophies, thus lighting in your trophy room should also be looked at. The drying out of a trophy can lead to cracks in the trophy. Prevent this by avoiding the above or by using a humidifier in your trophy room.

Excess light – Exposure to an excess of light by the sun or electric light can cause the colours of the hair to fade. Do not hang your trophies in a sunny room or a room with large windows. Windows can be replaced with windows that filter light and light bulbs can be replaced with bulbs that set less heat free.


A trophy must be dusted regularly and every 12-18 months cleaned thoroughly, in a very dry climate the trophy must be treated with an *oil mixture (Horns should not be treated with this oil mixture.). If cracks occur or the colours of the trophy fade it can be taken to a taxidermist for repairs.

Dust can be removed with a clean animal brush. Remember to work with the hair of the animal.

If dirty patches that don’t want to come clean with this method occur it can be cleaned with paraffin or benzene.

Glass eyes can be cleaned with spirits.

* Oil mixture - 1 part tan oil(ask your nearest taxidermy for this oil) must be mixed with 1 part warm water. Apply this mixture with a spray bottle. Spray lightly over the whole trophy, put the trophy in the sun for 30 min for oil to penetrate the skin. Clean the hair with a clean cloth and brush the hair through. Trophy can be put back on the wall. There is also a new oil treatment on the market, ask your taxidermist for information about this product.

Treatment against insects - Fumigation is the most effective. A trophy can also be fumigated separately by removing it from the wall and placing it in a sealable space.

Looking after your trophy